How is the
eco-laundry different?

These days, we are faced at every turn with the concept of being ecological. Being “eco” is not only a current trend, but at the same time it also fulfils the purpose of protecting the environment, all and everything around us. With the help of really small steps, a person can become greener. The idea of improving customer service and a thoughtful approach to the environment has inspired the creation of our ecological treatment plant, which undoubtedly stands out for its services. How is it unique?

The Matadorka eco-laundry located in the Matadorka multifunctional building in Petržalka will clean your clothes or household textiles with wet cleaning, soft wash technology.

Wet cleaning is an ecological alternative compared to chemical cleaning of clothes. Water is used for cleaning and chemical solvents are not used in the cleaning process. This cleaning method is hypoallergenic, sensitive and, last but not least, environmentally friendly.

In addition to removing stains, the uniqueness of the soft wash system ensures brighter colours for your textiles, freshness and perfect cleanliness without the use of toxic chemicals. This cleaning system saves resources – water and energy.

In addition to cleaning, you can also our service for separate ironing of clothes. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you with this, and you can use the time saved for your family or hobbies. An eco-friendly approach will ensure thorough protection of your clothes or textiles, and you remain eco-friendly.

Even better, you will pick up your clothes in compostable plastic-free film. That’s a good ecological step to reduce the volume of plastic use. This organic alternative reliably fulfils its function of protection compared to plastic packaging. Because of its breathability, you can store clothes wrapped in this way for a longer period of time, or if you travel somewhere, this packaging will protect the garment from moisture and dust. Finally, you can throw this film, for example, into household compost or mixed waste.

Matadorka eco-laundry provides professional service not only for the individual, but also for small and medium-sized companies in the area. We will take care of cleaning your work uniforms or any textiles for your company.

If you want to be eco-friendly in your home, you may also be interested in our range of organic household products from local manufacturers such as volume detergents, compostable dish cloths, solid shampoos, washing strips, cosmetic tampons for reusable use, etc.

Come and visit us to support our ecological vision. Our kind staff will be happy to serve you, clean or iron your clothes and finally wrap them in natural film. We look forward to seeing you!